Jordan's Closet

Jordan's Closet

Jordan's Closet is a project inspired by one of the many Hope Warriors who have influenced Hope Rock's mission to eradicate hopelessness at the hands of depression, addiction and social isolation.

Through the generosity of individuals and businesses, Hope Rocks has built a travel trailer which will contain professional and business appropriate clothing for individuals who have missed or avoided job interviews, court appearances or other special functions due to loss of dignity exacerbated by lack of appropriate clothing.

This travel trailer is an attraction at all Hope Rocks events and functions providing access to professional clothing to those who need it most, at no cost.

We are profoundly inspired by the individuals and families we attempt to serve with our mission to restore lives and families devastated by addiction, depression and isolation. However, the insidious war is constant. In too many cases, the warrior wears out and is unable to fight any longer.

In the short time we knew Jordan, he taught us many things. Most importantly, he taught us about dignity. He demonstrated the hope-fueling power of personal dignity and how addiction, depression and isolation battle daily to destroy it. Often, the clothes in a knapsack are the only clothing one has and the challenge to find a job, stand up in court and attend important family functions are dismissed because of this very basic right to feel good about yourself because of what you are wearing.

To donate:

Get Help Now!

  • Family of Woodstock, Inc.

    24 Hour Crisis Hotline

  • UC Mobile Mental Health Team

    (available 1:00 to 11:00 p.m./ 7 Days)

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline


  • Veteran's Crisis Line

    (press 1 when connected)

  • Veteran’s Crisis Text Messages

    send text to 838255

  • Alcoholics Anonymous website

  • The Trevor Lifeline

    (for LGBTQ youth)

  • Recovery Hotline

    1-855-516-1669 OR 1-844-516-1669

  • National Assault Hotline


  • NYS Drug Abuse Hotline


  • Mid-Hudson Area Narcotics Anonymous


    Narcotics Anonymous website