About Us

According to the World Health Organization, over 20 million suicides are attempted each year. 20 million attempts resulting from the temporary loss of hope in one’s life. Additionally, the same organization states that death from opioids is on a dramatic rise and has claimed over 28,000 lives in 2014 alone.

We are a culture in crisis. We are losing a generation to despair. These problems are not isolated to somebody else, they are in our town and our homes.

It is time to illuminate the darkness and put an end to hopelessness.

Morse Rocks presents a new and exciting attack on this epidemic called Hope Rocks. The Morse Rocks concept and objective will continue, yet undertake a broader scope and mission. The mission is to provide young artists with the opportunity to develop and share their talents in an authentic festival experience to let them know their talents matter and they impact lives.

This concept was originated to give those students and individuals who have a hard time fitting into the traditional "academic" setting provided by the public school and later in society-at-large. It is intended to let these individuals know that their talents and skills are appreciated and they are not alone.

For 2017, Morse Rocks will expand its vision toward the creation of "Hope Rocks." "Hope Rocks”, adapted from the idea of the Relay for Life mixed with The HV Garlic Festival, will be a two-day “Hope Festival” featuring visual artists, filmmakers, performance artists, etc… gather and display their talents in an environment focused on bringing hope to those who are suffering the effects of addiction, depression, and social isolation.

Along with the arts, activities such as softball, volleyball, tug of war and human foosball are coordinated with lectures, demonstrations, small and large group counseling, mentoring and education available for the festival goers. A “Wall of Hope” would be located on the grounds for festival goers to place the names of loved ones who have suffered or presently suffer from these issues. This huge offering of activities and amenities will be available to the public at this free event.

As of now we have the enthusiastic support of people and agencies and have partnered with Sawyer Motors, Sawyer Chevrolet, the Town and Village of Saugerties to make this a reality in August 2017 at the Cantine Veterans’ Memorial Complex. We need you to help us on this mission. Please consider joining us as a sponsor, vendor, service provider or team member. For more information contact us.

With your assistance we can make a difference. The future depends on us to end this trend of despair.

Get Help Now!

  • Family of Woodstock, Inc.

    24 Hour Crisis Hotline

  • UC Mobile Mental Health Team

    (available 1:00 to 11:00 p.m./ 7 Days)

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline


  • Veteran's Crisis Line

    (press 1 when connected)

  • Veteran’s Crisis Text Messages

    send text to 838255

  • The Trevor Lifeline

    (for LGBTQ youth)

  • Recovery Hotline

    1-855-516-1669 OR 1-844-516-1669

  • National Assault Hotline


  • NYS Drug Abuse Hotline


  • Narcotics Anonymous website


  • Alcoholics Anonymous website