JBH and Rock City Revivalist

Saturday, August 17 @ 3:35 - 4:15 PM

Riding with our current and ever-changing band of angels, also known as The Rock City Riders/Revivalist. I am a singer/songwriter, roaming evangelist likewise igniter of musicians and artists and visionaries. This happens anywhere we may find ourselves and at the doo-wop corner where the people’s feet meet the streets of 212 and the Rock City road collides with the Harmony Café at Shawoos. We are reminiscent of the old Mavericks causing past, present and future Woodstock to coalesce and rebirth into the new “Woodtown.” Here as a born bard, farmhand and of an old time travelling native of this hamlet, am inspired by the ancient trailblazing troubadours of the people “for the people”. Considering the present situation at hand, we are doing what we love to do, to bring about this Renaissance. The Rock City Revival Crusade is the totality of many co-conspiritor musicians. Prepare yourselves, for their will never be another time like this.

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