Alternative Ulster

Saturday, August 17 @ 2:25 - 3:15 PM

Alternative Ulster is a bagpipe rock & roll band founded in March 2015 in NY State's Catskill region. The band is Todd Henry on vocals and drums, Wendy Henry on vocals, Jay Anderson on guitar, Steve Hoelter on bass and John McGovern on bagpipes and banjo. The band has released 3 full length CDs which were recorded, mixed and mastered by Jay at Operation-Audio / Bohemosphere in Saugerties, NY.

Back in 2015, John described the band's sound as “1916 meets 1977”, referencing both the Irish Uprising and the heyday of Old School Punk Rock. The sound has grown as the band evolved, especially after Wendy, who turned down a Nashville contract in her youth to start her family, joined. The band’s unique guitar sound derives from Jay’s utilization of guitar effects pedals of his own design and manufacture.

The band has garnered international praise in the Celtic Punk / Paddy Rock world

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